We welcome you to the family of Nakshtra Ventures. This section will help you identify various career opportunities with us, give you an insight into our work culture and also our various learning and development initiatives amongst host of other information.

Nakshtra Ventures is one of the leading Financial companies having a track record of declaring bonuses every year since inception. We attribute this success to our people, who are our most important asset. We believe they are a key facet of the company and it is their contribution that has enabled us to achieve our current status. Since they deserve the best, our efforts have been to provide them with the best environment, best culture and best development opportunities possible.

Join the Winning Team at Nakshtra Ventures.

In our quest to be a competitive player in the financial space, we are keen to partner with talented, high performing people. We pride ourself for a rich talent base that can successfully propel the company to even greater heights in an increasingly competitive platform. So if you think, you have it in you to emerge victorious in this challenging environment, join us. 

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