Investment Period Scheme Name Modified Duration Average Maturity Yield to Maturity Existing Investor New Investor
Last updated as on 31/05/2017
1 Day-1 Year ICICI Prudential Savings Fund - Growth 1.03 Years 1.24 Years 7.70% Buy Now Buy Now
1 Year- 3 Year ICICI Pru Regular Savings Fund 2.18 Years 2.81 Years 9.24% Buy Now Buy Now
3yrs & Above ICICI Prudential Corporate Bond Fund - Growth 3.17 Years 4.25 Years 8.26% Buy Now Buy Now

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Disclaimer : The above schemes are just the representation of various options available under Debt Mutual Funds category and are suitable for investments by any person looking to generate higher returns than Bank FDs with a slight degree of market risk involved in the same. Please read the offer document of these schemes for more details , before investing