International Equity

Why Invest In Global Equities

  • More than 90% of opportunities are beyond our border!
  • Helps to reduce country specific risks-border tension, political instability, bad monsoons, high oil prices, demonitization etc.
  • Earn approximately 3-4% annually due to rupee depreciation vs the US $.
  • Majority of the global consumer brands like Mc Donald’s & Domino’s are present in the US and they earn royalty income from their global franchises apart from their local sales.

Invest in Fractional Stocks

A number of US stocks are high-priced. Especially the most popular ones. We help you build diversified portfolios with even the smallest of investment.

Invest in companies you know and love,
from all around the world

US stock markets are home to some of the fastest growing companies in the world. Grow your wealth with the brands you like and the products you use all the time.